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5 TikTok Hair Trends You Need to Try This Summer

Let’s face it, we’ve all found ourselves scrolling endlessly through TikTok’s ‘For You’ page. But you might be surprised to learn that TikTok is actually a great place to get the latest beauty and hair trends. From unusual curling methods to nostalgic Y2K-inspired styles, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite viral hair trends to freshen up your look this summer. 


  1. Bubble Braids

Y2K is back and cooler than ever! Early 2000s hairstyles are all over TikTok, especially bubble braids. This creative twist on a classic style is achieved with a simple layering technique. Easy to complete on dirty, textured hair, bubble braids are sure to become your go-to hairstyle this summer. Finish off your look with nostalgic butterfly clips or rainbow elastics. 

  1. Space Buns

Sometimes two buns are better than one! Space buns are a throwback to the 1990s and consist of two buns worn on the top of the head. Equal parts playful and edgy, this style can be achieved in less than just 5 minutes and is incredibly versatile. Space buns can be worn braided, fully up, or half-down and work on long, short, fine, thick, curly, or straight hair. 


  1. Flipped Ponytail

Get retro hair in just 1 minute! Inspired by mod looks from the 1960s, flipped ponytails are one of the easiest trends to achieve on this list. They take your usual ponytail to a whole new level and add bold charm to your style. After just one try, you’ll understand why flipped ponytails are a favourite style amongst celebrities like Bella Hadid and Ariana Grande.


  1. Silk Scarf Crown

Looking for ways to put an old silk scarf to good use? Thanks to Tiktok, they’re becoming THE go-to hair accessory. Versatile and stylish, you can easily tie a silk scarf behind your head or create a sleek silk hair crown by twisting pieces of your hair around it. The end result is a French-vacation inspired look that is sure to turn heads all summer long. 


  1. Sock Curls 

It’s time to put away the curling irons and try this heatless curling option. Simply wrap sections of your hair around the socks and sleep with them overnight. Before you know it, you’ll wake up with effortless-looking beach waves. For a more defined look, try this on damp hair using long, stretchy knee-high socks. You’ll be amazed at how well this actually works!

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