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Must-Try Bang Styles

Making the decision to get bangs isn’t always an easy one.

We’ve all heard (or maybe even experienced) horror stories of bangs-gone-wrong. However, when done right, bangs can completely transform your style and frame your face in beautifully flattering ways.

Bangs may come off as a huge commitment, but they don’t have to be. We’ve collected a list of our favourite bang styles that range from bold and dramatic to laid back and natural.

Curtain bangs

Previously popular in the 1970s, this look is making a major comeback today. Parted down the middle, curtain bangs are an excellent way to frame your face and add texture to you hair. They’re usually longer and have wispy ends, giving them a laidback, cool vibe.

Baby bangs

Above-the-brow baby bangs have become one of the trendiest looks. What makes these bangs such a statement is the fact that they’re cut straight across. This style is best suited for those with very straight hair and requires more frequent trips to the salon.

Long side bang

Side bangs are a versatile and stress-free option for anyone wanting to freshen up their look. Bangs that fall just below your cheekbones will automatically soften and frame your face with layers. They will also fall right into place when you put your hair in an updo.

Wavy bangs

Bangs are not just reserved for those with straight hair! Whatever your natural texture is (ringlets, spirals, or gentle waves) you can make it work. Unlike the more blunt cuts on this list, the key to wavy bangs is to cut them at different lengths to add depth and dimension.

Lash grazing bangs

Trimmed to the eyelash line and angled down slightly, these bangs add a stylish sense of mystery. The cut line looks particularly dramatic on those with oval or heart shaped faces. While it requires more maintenance, this look will make the colour of your eyes pop.

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