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Hair Colours to Try This Winter

A new year brings with it a variety of changes. While 2018 ushered in some unforgettable hair styles, 2019 is the year of colour. Whether you’re looking for something classic or a bit more contemporary, these hair colour trends are just waiting to be experimented with.


Looking to turn up the heat? Where auburns and deep browns have trended in the past, copper has become a major look this year. Not only is copper hair drop dead gorgeous, but this vibrant colour is also the perfect contrast against the white of the snow.

Ashy Silver

While women have tried to hide their greys for years, ashy silver strands are hardly something to fear. This hair colour trend is hotter than ever. While silver tones do require more maintenance, these shimmering metallics will have heads turning all year long.

Smokey Pink 

From the runway to Hollywood, pink has quickly become one of the year’s hottest hair colours. Don’t let the idea of colour shy you away. Pink hair can be as bold or delicate as you want it to be, depending on which shade you choose.

Creamy Blonde

Looking to go blonde without all of the maintenance of a platinum? Opting for a warmer or creamier tone will not only have you looking gorgeous but will be much more manageable as the temperatures change.

Jet Black

Boasting more intensity than a natural colour, jet black contains deep blue and purple undertones for a darker, more dramatic shade. Not only will this give your hair a textured rich look, but it can also add an extra shine when light when it hits the hair.

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