The Best Products To Use After a Haircut

May 1, 2022by fadmin

There’s no better feeling than leaving our salons with a fresh haircut or colour – and we want that confidence to last even longer! That’s why we’re proud to carry the award-winning collection of Davines OI hair care products. Formulated with roucou oil, OI products give extraordinary shine and softness to all hair types and help protect against unwanted tangling, frizz, or environmental damage. To keep your hair looking and feeling its best long after leaving the salon chair, we recommend using any of these OI products: 

OI Shampoo

OI Shampoo is the perfect addition to your daily washing routine, especially if you’re looking to soften your hair in the heat. Silky smooth and infused with roucou oil, OI Shampoo helps your hair look soft, shiny, and voluminous.

OI Conditioner 

The milky and buttery-rich texture of OI Conditioner creates beautiful softness, shine, and body for your hair – especially when paired with OI Shampoo. It also helps accelerate the dying process and leaves your hair with a fresh and long-lasting perfume scent. 

OI All-in One Milk

Perfect for warm spring (and summer) months, the OI All-In One Milk helps combat against frizz and breakage from the heat. Hydrate and soften your hair with this lightweight leave-in spray that lasts all day long. 

OI Oil

Do you struggle with coarse or dry hair, especially in the heat? The lightweight and multi-functional OI Oil adds instant shine and softness to your hair. It also helps maintain your hair health by fighting against frizz and tangling. 

OI Hair Butter 

OI Hair Butter is the ultimate finishing touch for your hair after washing, drying, and styling. Thanks to antioxidants and roucou oil, OI Hair Butter nourishes your hair and eliminates frizz. Apply after styling for the most effective results. 

Shop our Davines OI hair care products online or in-salon today. Plus, for a limited time, get a free gift when you purchase two or more products.