5 Modern Takes on a Classic Bob

March 1, 2022by fadmin

When it comes to hair trends, many of them come and go over time. More than any other hair trend though, the bob has never gone out of fashion. And while we love the classic chin-length look, there’s also plenty of ways to make this style all your own. Looking to try a bob haircut this spring? These are some of our favourite modern takes on the classic style.

Blunt Bob
One of the most popular modern bob hairstyles is a blunt bob that is cut into a straight line at the bottom. The bluntness of the ends and lack of layers create a one-length look that beautifully emphasizes the jawline. A blunt bob works best on those with straight locks and can help your hair look thicker and healthier.

Choppy Bob
Are you looking for something stylish, but less structured? The choppy bob is your answer. Typically cut to ear or chin length, a choppy bob is achieved by adding lots of short layers to create texture and dimension. For a more boho or lived-in look, we recommend using a texture spray to create definition between the layers.

French Bob
The texture of the choppy bob carries into this Parisian-inspired look. A French bob is cut to around chin length with the same layers of the choppy bob, only in this case, it’s completed with bangs sitting at the brow line. This face-framing style is as versatile as it is chic and is flattering on all hair types and face shapes.

Asymmetrical Bob
There’s plenty of room to have fun with structured hair. An asymmetrical bob is cut where one side is longer than the other—whether front to back or side to side. The asymmetrical length is also more low maintenance than other bobs and can be personalized to suit your hair type and overall style.

Most people are familiar with chin-length bobs, but have you heard of microbobs? This ultra-short bob is achieved by cutting the hair to around the cheekbone. This style is both eclectic and sophisticated and is sure to make a statement. It’s no wonder microbobs have been seen across runways and social media lately.

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