4 Reasons to Try Reverse Balayage

January 31, 2022by fadmin

Balayage has been the most requested hair colour service for the past couple years. And while we still love the sun-kissed look of a traditional balayage, we also can’t get enough of its dark side. Like the name implies, a reverse balayage is the ‘reverse’ of the balayage lightning technique. Only in this case, darker lowlights are painted on to create deeper tones and textures in your hair. Thinking of trying out this dark, moody look? Here are four reasons why reverse balayage might be perfect for you.

1. Depth
The biggest benefit of reverse balayage is the depth it brings to your hair. By painting on darker tones from midway through your hair to the bottom, you actually create more of a contrast between strands. This allows lighter colours to pop, while also adding dimension throughout.

2. Transition Colour
Subtle lowlights make reverse balayage a great colour option for those wanting to smoothly transition from brighter blondes to more natural browns. It’s also an effective way to transition colours between seasons or try out different shades without any long-term commitments.

3. Low Maintenance
Since the colour contrast between your roots and ends are less dramatic, reverse balayage requires less upkeep without sacrificing beauty. Because your overall colour is made to look more natural, reverse balayage stays gorgeous even in unwashed or lived-in hair.

4. Versatile
Just like traditional balayage, this trend works well with many hair types and textures. A helpful way to determine the best shade for you is to think about your skin tones. Those with cooler tones might opt for something darker, while those with warmer tones might opt for caramels.

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