5 Hairstyle Costume Ideas for Halloween

September 30, 2020by fadmin

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking of ideas for your costume. While this Halloween might be low-key when it comes to festivities, it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the spooky season with a fun costume. There are plenty of easy costumes you can do just by changing up your hair!

Pumpkin Bun

The pumpkin bun, also called the “bun-kin,” is a super cute take on a classic costume. To create this style, simply pull your hair up into a tight ballerina bun. Colour the bun with temporary orange hairspray. Last, add DIY leaves to the bun to look like a pumpkin stem. You can assemble these by clipping fake leaves onto a hair clip.

Rosie the Riveter 

If you’re looking to channel someone powerful this Halloween, Rosie the Riveter is a great and easy costume to put together. Gather a large section of the hair above your forehead (in the shape of a triangle) and pull the rest into a messy bun. Curl the isolated sections of hair to your liking and keep it in place with hairspray. Finish the look off with Rosie’s iconic red bandana, red lips, and jean jacket.

Joe Exotic/Tiger King

Feeling inspired by 2020’s most talked-about reference? No Joe Exotic costume would be complete without his iconic mullet. If you already have blonde bangs, just pin the sides of your hair behind your ears and hold it in place with hairspray – bonus points if you can darken these sections. If you don’t have bangs, clip-ins will work just as well for this.


This empowering costume made famous from Greek mythology works beautifully on any hair type or length. Creating a Medusa costume is less about styling your hair as it is the features included in it. Once your desired style is achieved, weave in small toy snakes attached to individual clips or one large headband. For an even more monstrous effect, complete your costume with temporary gold or green coloured hairspray.

Bride of Frankenstein

Do you have a two-litre soda bottle on hand? To create this costume, cut the bottom piece of a soda bottle and gather a small section of hair from the area to build the cone shape. Wrap the section into a bun, pin it down, and then place the bottle overtop. From there, pull the rest of your hair up to cover the bottle – leaving two pieces on both sides. Pin and spray the hair into place and complete the look with temporary black coloured hairspray. Curl and spray the two remaining pieces with white temporary colour and pin them back like the iconic Universal monster.