Must-Try Bang Styles

June 14, 2019by fadmin

Taking the plunge to get bangs can sometimes feel like a big decision.

We’ve all heard (or maybe even experienced first hand) horror stories of bangs-gone-horribly-wrong. Thanks to our talented team of stylists, you can set those fears aside. We will ensure your bangs are done right and beautifully frame your  face.

And to get you even more excited about trying out bangs, we’ve made a list of our favourite bang styles right now.

Curtain bangs

This go-to style from the 1970s is making a major comeback today. Curtain bangs are parted evenly down the middle and feature long layers that frame your face. This creates a glamorous feathery vibe reminiscent of the 70s.

Baby bangs

Baby bangs fall above-the-brow have become one of this year’s edgiest looks. What really makes these bangs stand out the unique ways they’re cut straight across. Because of the blunt, symmetrical nature of this cut, it works particularly well on those with straight hair.

Long side bangs

Want to freshen up your look in a way that feels less drastic? Side bangs that fall just below your cheekbones will beautifully frame your face with gorgeous layers. For those a little more daring, you can also style these bangs deeper to one side.

Wavy bangs

Who says that bangs are only reserved for those with straight hair? If you prefer a more natural texture top your hair, you can still rock gorgeous bangs. Unlike the more straight and sharp cuts on this list, the key to achieving wavy bangs is to actually cut them at slightly different lengths to create dimension and flow.

Lash grazing bangs

Looking to channel classic film stars? These bangs are cut to the eyelash line creating a sense of glamour and mystery. While these bangs to requires more frequent trips to the salon, our stylists will make sure you leave feeling gorgeous every time.

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