How to Protect Your Hair From the Sun

July 3, 2018by fadmin

We wait all year long for the heat of the summer sun, but unfortunately, the heat and humidity can cause some major unwanted problems for your hair. Summer heat can leave your hair damaged, frizzy, and dried out. But rest assured, you can beat the damaging heat this summer with these quick and easy hair care tips.

Avoid Added Heat

Your hair is already parched enough in the summer from the humidity and sun damage. To help prevent further damage, you should avoid using heating tools as much as possible. Instead, you can try out more natural styling techniques without further scorching your hair.

Hair Mask

Did you know that coloured hair often gets the brunt of summer heat damage? Not to worry! Our selection of nourishing hair masks and treatments are a simple and very effective way to help keep you hair in good condition all season long. Hair masks can help revitalize and rehydrate your hair, so that you can make the most of summer.

Wash Less

Did you know that washing your hair too much can actually harm your locks? Frequent washes not only removes the good natural oils you hair needs, but can also make your hair extra greasy. Depending on your hair type, we recommend washing your hair 2-3 times a week. If you need some help on no-wash days, you can still rinse your hair with cold water or try a dry shampoo.

Protection from the Pool

There is no better feeling than diving into a pool in the summer. Unfortunately, chlorine and other harsh chemicals in pools can really damage your hair. The good news is there are tricks to avoid this. Rinse your hair under cold water before you even go in the pool. This technique will limit the amount of chlorine your locks can absorb.

Treat Your Hair to a Salon Visit

Want to know the best treatment for your hair in the summer? The most effective way to improve the health of your hair in the summer is regularly visiting the salon. At Fernandino, we offer the most sought after conditioning treatments in the industry, including Kertain Treatments. While you’re treating your hair to some TLC, cutting off any dead ends can also help make your hair look and feel its best.

We want you to enjoy the summer with healthy and beautiful hair? Try any of these tips and book your appointment for a cut or conditioning treatment today.

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