Winter Hair Care Tips for 2018

January 8, 2018by fadmin

If we needed another reason to not be so crazy about winter weather, it’s that it can also be harsh on your hair.

This is because when the temperature drops, it becomes increasingly harder for your hair to retain its natural moisture. If you want to avoid breakage, damage, and unwanted frizz, try these useful hair care tips and tricks.


During the winter months, your scalp becomes dryer than normal. This can cause unwanted dandruff and can even irritate your scalp. But with the right conditioning treatments, you can protect your hair from dryness. Our stylists recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment or mask at least once a week. Visit our salons today to browse our wide selection of conditioning products.

Avoid Over-shampooing

While there are many benefits to using salon-quality shampoo, it can also dry your hair out when used too much. Throughout the winter months, try to keep your shampoo routine to a minimum. We recommend about two to three times per week, if possible. This will help you retain some of your much needed natural oils that get damaged in the cold.

Keep Your Hair Covered

One foolproof solution is to wear a hat or toque when outside in the cold. This not only keeps you warm, but also helps to protect your hair from damage.

Treat Your Hair to Regular Trims

Last but not least, it is always a great to visit our salons for a trim during the winter months. We recommend either cutting or trimming your hair every six to eight weeks, which can help you prevent any dry or split ends.

Fight back against the cold this winter with these hair care tips and tricks.

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