What is Balayage and Why is it for You?

August 5, 2017by fadmin

Balayage is the latest trending  hair colour technique right now, and for good reason!

Balayage originates as a French word that means to sweep or to paint. Unlike traditional highlighting methods that use foils or a cap, balayage is completed freehand where stylists actually paint the colour directly onto your hair. The result is a beachy, more natural-looking hair colour. Our colourists will help you determine the correct shades to best suit your skin tone and hair type.


Who can wear balayage?

Balayage is incredibly versatile and looks absolutely gorgeous on all hair lengths, textures, and colours! One of the biggest appeals of balayage is how low maintenance it is, with people being able to go almost four months between colour treatments.


What are your options with balayage?

Balayage hair colour options are endless to suit your individual style. Whether you’re looking for blondes, browns, reds, or even more adventurous colours, the whole rainbow is your oyster with balayage.


Thinking of trying balayage?

Our talented hair colourists at Fernandino have the skills and knowledge to give you the perfect balayage look! Book your appointment today.